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[Amps] ft-2000 vs pgxl

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Subject: [Amps] ft-2000 vs pgxl
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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2021 10:31:45 -0400
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A couple related questions for both Yaesu and amps guys.


Just had to send pgxl back for replacement of an ldmos.  They say one
possible cause of ldmos failure is not allowing for at least 20msec between
ptt and rf, which I thought I had set. but maybe not when looking at it in
detail. generating ptt through winkeyer which has settings at either 30 or
50msec from n1mm logger so that 'should' cover modes where n1mm or the
winkeyer generates ptt I hope.  But what about ssb vox?  Is there some
setting I can't find to delay rf there?  Or will that always be longer
because of dsp and af-if-rf chain??


The pgxl provides for ptt-in and a ptt-out that isn't asserted until it is
ready for rf, that should add safety to all modes except using ssb vox
unless there is a way to interrupt the vox to ptt internal conversion in the
ft-2000. has anyone found a way to do that??


Does anyone make a device to measure ptt to rf delay time?  I know I can do
it with a 2 channel scope using an rf tap. but it would seem like a nice
simple device to take ptt and rf, pass them through samplers and measure the
delay from ptt to the rf envelope start.


David Robbins K1TTT
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