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[RFI] B.C. Intermod

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Subject: [RFI] B.C. Intermod
From: kd6zz@juno.com (Steve Godwin) (Steve Godwin)
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 23:32:48 -0400
I operate a repeater with output on 224.260 MHz and input on 222.660 (1.6
MHz off-set).  We have a local A.M. B.C. station on 1600 KHz.  The B.C.
station's signal beats with the repeater output and the negative
component comes in on the repeater input (1.6 MHz off-set) and locks up
the repeater until it times out.  The problem is not consistent.

I have tried by-passing the coax shield, open and shorted stubs, helical
resonators,  etc. all to no avail.  The interference is not getting in
through the phone line or the power supply leads.

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Steve - KD6ZZ


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