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[RFI] CATVI Problem

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Subject: [RFI] CATVI Problem
From: W3DMB@aol.com (W3DMB@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 07:45:22 EDT
Hi Marty,

One thing you must consider.  If your signal is getting into the closed cable
system, that means that their signal has to be getting out..  

Contact the cable system operators.  Fines for leaky systems can be quite
high, although they usually just have to REPLACE a lot of cable. 
The cable operators in our town were very nice after they were informed that
the interference they were experiencing to one channel was because it was
right in the center of the two-meter band..  and that the amateur operators in
effect were there legally and that the cable company was at fault, since they
could use that freq only if the system did not leak...

Good luck
Jerry,  W3DMB  "Doing My Best"
Butler PA

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