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[RFI] Line filter

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Subject: [RFI] Line filter
From: kmarch" <kmarch@ix.netcom.com (kmarch)
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:24:13 -0700
I am trying to quite down the slowly intrusive noise environment in my rural
neighborhood.  Some of my neighbors have purchased lamps which generate lots
of RF (Cheep, COSTO, Taiwan...).  Initially I am trying to work with these
people, rather than filing a complaint.  There are some items of info I need
to be armed with a solution when, and if, I am allowed to enter their house.
(a)  I need to get a good line filter to prevent RF from radiating back up
the line. It may be a common mode or not, but I need to find out by
substituting various types of filters and determining if preventing the
radiation into the power lines (a there is lots, can be heard for a mile in
the car radio) reduces the noise to below band noise.  The noise is mostly
affecting the 160 band, but also is bad on 80, and still can be heard up to
10 meters. (b) I need to know how to modify a light dimmer switch to reduce
the RF emission. Any circuit diagrams that anyone has, or can describe, I
would appreciate.  How does one quite a noisy SCR? There are three primary
noise sources which I have located with DF. Next phase is to "meet the
    Don't worry I will have a technician do the work to remove
liability...if work is required.  Right now I'm trying to fill my bag of
tricks so I can fix things with a minimum of intrusiveness to the neighbors.
    In the old days hams interfered with neighbors. Now it's the reverse.

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