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[RFI] M&S Systems intercom RFI where to start

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Subject: [RFI] M&S Systems intercom RFI where to start
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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 21:02:14 -0400
       Thank you for the large response.

        I talked to the Tech at M&S Systems. He told me That his company =
has a policy not to comment on potential cures for RFI  in their =
Intercom systems. He said we could be sued. Well, That was not the best =
part. As He talked to me I never told him that I was the offender of the =
RFI. He just thought I was A repair technician for a local electronics =
contractor. The technical representative for M&S Systems told me that it =
was the responsibility of the person causing the interference to pay for =
the repairs. I should contact the offender!
       He did offer a few points. He said, "The shield wires are left =
open at the stations due to causing a ground loop". He also said ," If =
you connect the Shield drain wires together at the station end you would =
make a capacitor out of the shield". This sounded like mumbo jumbo to me =
. The reason to me would seem more about feedback".

       I am now re-thinking my approach.=20

A.       Doing work on the neighbors expensive intercom.

      cons     *makes me liable for future or current problems
                        *although I feel competent to do the work. =
Murphy's law could show up.
                        *could make the problem worse.
                        *spending my money and appearing to be =
responsible party to the neighbors RFI effected equipment.

        pro       *I could the fix the problem
                        *The neighbor would become sympathetic due to my =
gallant effort.

    I still feel that the bypass caps and or some ferrite beads on the =
inputs would be a easy fix if successful. Maybe a little deception might =
work. I could install the bypass caps. If this repaired the RFI I could =
claim nothing. Stating that I could not reproduce the interference. So =
even If I do attempt repair don't claim success. I am sort of talking =
out loud.

Victor Vickers

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