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[RFI] Speedstream Modem

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Subject: [RFI] Speedstream Modem
From: gtucker at bostoneng.com (G.E. Tucker)
Date: Mon Mar 10 16:40:31 2003
Hi Dick,

I had a problem with RFI knocking me off line, but with an internal dialup
modem (56K), on 160M and running 1200W. I solved this problem by putting a
K-Com RF-1 filter (the one for MF/LF; another is available for HF; from Ham
Radio Outlet) between the phone line and modem line-in. The phone line
seemed to be a good antenna for RFI on 160M.

These filters have RJ-11 modular jacks, and I don't know if they would work
with DSL, but mention it because it is a similar problem/solution. I'm also
not sure what kind of connectors a DSL modem uses (they also offer the RF-2
to insert into telephone wiring). Perhaps someone else can comment on their
possible use with DSL.

In my case the 160M antenna (wire vertical), was fairly far away (250 feet
or so), out in the woods, so I didn't have a problem with low power.
Sometimes if you can move your antennas further away, this is the simplest
solution for RFI.

73 George W5VU

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From: Richard Zalewski <w7zr@citlink.net>
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Sent: Monday, March 10, 2003 10:46 AM
Subject: [RFI] Speedstream Modem

> Anyone out there using an external DSL modem by Efficient Networks-
> Speestream?  Having a terrible problem with RFI knocking me offline when I
> have the least amount of power on 40m or 80m.  I have lots of ferrite on
> leads but problem persists.
> Thanks
> Dick W7ZR
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