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[RFI] speedstream DSL

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Subject: [RFI] speedstream DSL
From: w7zr at citlink.net (Richard Zalewski)
Date: Wed Mar 12 09:48:09 2003
Thanks to all for their suggestions and input.  I am not ignoring the advise
but want to wait until I have a better handle on the resolution of the

At this time my ISP has provided me with a new model of DSL modem.  This one
uses a 12VDC output cube tap power supply so I will have more options for
trouble shooting.

They put a .016 cap across the DSL line as well.  The new modem stopped
working after 6 hours so more work is going on at this end.

I will advise the hopefully happy outcome.

Dick W7ZR

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Subject: [RFI] speedstream DSL

> I have one of those! No problem NOW after I made sure the wall wart for
> the DSL modem was shielded. I haven't had any problems with my router or
> all the e net cable.
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