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[RFI] TiVO, ReplayTV and RFI

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Subject: [RFI] TiVO, ReplayTV and RFI
From: dj2001 at mn.rr.com (dj2001@mn.rr.com)
Date: Fri Mar 21 12:57:36 2003
>At 11:05 AM 3/21/03 -0600, you wrote:
>>I have never heard of TIVO, relpay TV.  Could you discribe this a little.
>>I have had interferance on 75 meters which sounds like a computer 
>>modem turning on and off.  It's on for only a couple of hours 
>>generally during the same time of day.  The signal occurs every 17 
>>khz across the 75 meter band and it is about an S-8 in my Icom 775. 
>>I'm at a loss as to what the heck this interferance is.
>TiVO and ReplayTV are two different brands of a device that records 
>TV on a hard disk under program control -- sort of a dedicated 
>computer.  It has a built-in modem that dials up a service once a 
>day and gets the current program schedule.  After that you can tell 
>it "I want every ER," or "I want every movie with Randolph Scott in 
>it," and the machine does the rest.  I was worried about the 
>vulnerability to TVI, either through the case or on the phone line. 
>So far the word seems pretty good.
>The "every 17 KHz" sounds like some sort of horizontal sweep signal, 
>except I think for standard US TV it should be every 15.7 kHz or 
>thereabouts.  I would try unplugging -- not just turning off -- all 
>the TVs in your house, and then your computer monitor to see if the 
>noise is associated with one of them.
>73, Pete N4ZR
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Hi Pete,
Thanks for the information, I guess I must be in the dark ages here.

The signal that interfers here could be at 16 khz, it's kind of a 
broad signal, about 3 khz wide so it's kind of hard to tell exactly 
what the freq is.  I have tried all of the tv's and monitors here. 
This signal starts up around 10 AM weekdays and goes of around 1 PM, 
but it varies, on weekends I've heard it at 0830, so it's really hard 
to track down.  I suspect computer modem in the area.

Dale K9VUJ
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