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[RFI] Unknown RFI from truck when in motion but in neutral

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Subject: [RFI] Unknown RFI from truck when in motion but in neutral
From: jimsmith at shaw.ca (Jim Smith)
Date: Sat Mar 22 01:22:21 2003
Hmm....  I may be way off base here but I seem to recall from 35 years 
ago that hams would squirt graphite powder into the interior of their 
tires to eliminate noise produced by a mechanism that I no longer 
recall.  Maybe an urban myth.  No doubt others can give better info.

FWIW de Jim Smith    VE7FO

David Jordan wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Found an interesting problem while listening to AM 630 all news 
> station here in WDC.
> Getting loud clicking noise.  Sounds very much like spark plug noise 
> but when coasting at 30mph and placing the engine in neutral such that 
> the engine RPM drops from 2500rpm to idle, the ticking noise remains 
> at speed.  However, as the vehicle slows down the noise also slows 
> down.  I can rev up the engine while it remains in neutral but the 
> speed of the noise doesn't change.  Is there some type of speed or 
> other monitoring devices on the wheels of the 2001 Explorer that is 
> sending RF signals to the on-board computer?  This one is got me 
> scratching my head.
> thoughts,
> dave
> wa3gin
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