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[RFI] Terrible RFI

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Subject: [RFI] Terrible RFI
From: eedwards at oppd.com (EDWARDS, EDDIE J)
Date: Thu Mar 27 09:43:15 2003
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From: Bob Thacker 
A sweep of 1710 KHz AM broad cast band indicates
peaks on the power line at what appears to be irregular intervals over a
mile stretch.. 


What your seeing is Standing Waves on the transmission line.  Where ever
there's a peak on the vertical there's a null on the horizontal and vice
versa.  The noise is being "conducted" down the line away from the
source.  If the pole that blanks out KDKA has these standing waves
leading up to it from each direction, then you've found "A Source" of
noise which might even be the noise at you have at your shack.  But it
might not be as well.  Without seeing the physical layout it's hard to
tell for sure.  The noise does not have to be close or directly picked
up from the source, it can induced and conducted in many directions.  

I'd recommend finding an ARRL Tech Specialist in your area to help with
ruling out the neon signs.  That way, he can be a 3rd party to explain
to the Power Company what has been done and what their responsibilities
are at that point.  He'll also know what do to if they are still
unresponsive to requests for help.  Good luck!

73, de ed -K0iL
Omaha, NE

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