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[RFI] Televisions and RFI; info needed, pse

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Subject: [RFI] Televisions and RFI; info needed, pse
From: k0il at arrl.net (Ed - K0iL)
Date: Sat Mar 29 17:32:10 2003
On Saturday, 29 March, 2003 1:16 PM, Alan Robinson wrote:
> I have a Sony KV-20S42. It generates an amazing amount of RFI on the HF 
bands. I
> can not operate with it on.

I had the same problem with my Sony 27" XBR.  Their power supplies are 
designed to generate trash & hash.  It also picked RFI from a wide 
spectrum.  Even with lots of ferrites it still had some RFI I couldn't get 
rid of.

I now have a 27" Panesonic that picks up nothing (RFI-wise) on cable with 
100w into the vertical.  It does start to pick-up RFI at 500w when playing 
the "Sony" Playstation through it.  I don't believe it's the TVs fault 
though.  Just another Sony product.

I also have a 13" Magnavox that picks up no RFI at all even at 500w.  On 

I now have a new 20" Toshiba sitting here in the box that I'll be testing 
soon (after taxes).  It'll be here in the shack.  Also a Sony (again) PS2 
that'll get hooked up to it.  I suppose the Sony PS2 will be a problem if 
past experience repeats itself. But at least it's a DVD player too.

Needless to say: STAY AWAY FROM SONY!

de ed
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