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[RFI] Hot tub Controller Hang?

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Subject: [RFI] Hot tub Controller Hang?
From: Gary K9GS <garyk9gs@wi.rr.com>
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Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 21:24:55 -0600
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OK....I'm pretty sure I've never seen this one here.

I have a new HF amplifier.  I've noticed on two occasions that the 
controller on my hot tub locks up.  I don't know with 100% certainty 
that it's RF getting into the controller but this has never happened 
before.  I actually noticed it when I went to add chemicals and noticed 
the display was all messed up and the temperature was only at 97 degrees 
instead of the usual 104 degrees.  If I pull the disconnect and cycle 
the power to the tub all is fine.

Any ideas for diagnosing and fixing this?  The hot tub runs off of a 
separate circuit from the amplifier, 220V at 50 amps.  Naturally I'm a 
little leery poking around in the 220V side of the controller box.  
There are no other connections to the hot tub besides the AC power.  The 
hot tub is located 150+ feet from the antenna (80-40-30M vertical).



Gary K9GS

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