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[RFI] Help finding a source

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Subject: [RFI] Help finding a source
From: Michael Morgan <michael@aa5sh.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:24:16 -0600
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I was hoping to get some help identifying a potential source for some RFI
that started a few weeks ago.  I posted some pictures and audio clips from
20 and 40 meters on my webpage.  Thought it may be easiest there I hope it
is ok.  https://www.aa5sh.com/?p=328

I tried to get some screenshots from my 7610.  On 20M the Noise Blanker
does  a decent job of removing the noise but on 40M it is a bit two random.

I have tried turning the main breaker off to my house and use a portable
radio (Recent RS-918) off a battery and the noise is still there.  I did
walk around my property and noticed no real differences.  The odd thing is
it's kind of random.  It has been going to 30 Mins or so and it just
stopped for a minute while I've been typing this email for a minute or so
then started back up.

Then at lunch today I took a break and remoted home since I saw where 10M
was open and there was no noise for that 30-40 minutes.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide.  In my years of radio anytime I
have had noise problems I have always been able to narrow it down to
wall-wart or battery charger.


Michael, AA5SH
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