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Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2019 21:28:03 +0000
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A big AMEN to that, Dennis!!!!

73 de Mac, K2GKK/5​
Since 30 Nov 1953​
Oklahoma City, OK​
USAF, Retired ('61-'81)​
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I would like to think that Solar Edge, Tesla and others would respond to
anything that could hamper their business.  They're not altruistic, just
realistic businessmen.  If the "operator of the system" experiences grief
over neighbor complaints and his installer/equipment vendor won't address
it (hey, it's your problem now Mr. Customer), what kind of recommendation
do you think that neighbor gives to his friends and the friends then
repeat?  From a business standpoint it's easier to address the <1% field
problem than have bad-mouthing occur about your product.   If necessary ask
your neighbor to ask his vendor why they're not backing him up.

Lawyers rarely solve problems.  Engineers do.

Let's all listen to Ed and keep it on the technical path.

Dennis AE6C

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