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[RFI] Tesla interference

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Subject: [RFI] Tesla interference
From: Dennis Monticelli <dennis.monticelli@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 10:38:41 -0800
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For any company to address a field problem there has to be some motivation
to expend resources.  Threats of legal action are not a good source of
motivation because it actually impedes problem resolution as Ed and others
have already explained.  This is especially true in the case of solar where
a technical solution exists that would not only fix the original complaint,
it could result in an eventual redesign that benefits many other hams down
the road.  Definitely the right path to take.  But how best to trigger it?

I suggest that a strong motivating force is an unhappy customer.  It is
especially effective in businesses that rely upon referrals and/or on-line
reviews.  Solar is largely a referral business.  Any marketing or sales
manager understands the downside of unhappy customers not providing
referrals or worse, bad mouthing their product or service.

So if the "operator" of the array contacts the installer's sales manager
(and copies the equipment provider) letting them know he's very unhappy to
find himself in a dispute with a neighbor, this should get the attention of
the right people within the company.  If the neighbor is particularly
cooperative with the ham, that letter would be worded strongly.  "I expect
this problem to be resolved or I will proactively spread the word that your
installations bring headaches in the form of conflicts with neighbors."
This should open the door to the ham suggesting that the ARRL be contacted
for assistance in coming up with a technical solution that would satisfy
both parties and leave lawyers out of the loop.

Dennis AE6C
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