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Re: [RFI] Trane heat pump RFI

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Trane heat pump RFI
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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2020 11:55:04 -0700
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"Unfortunately, Trane (American Standard) guards their schematics like gold in Ft. Knox and I've been unable to find one for further troubleshooting. I'm open to any and all ideas. Links to a complete schematic would really be appreciated."

A few things as to the cause are only speculation on my part, and a schematic would help. As for schematics, try calling HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) installers/service providers, ask for the parts department, and tell them the make and model of what you have, and ask them to order a service manual/schematic for you. Don't talk with "service", unless you want it serviced, since all you want is documentation, speak to the "parts department". This is a "trick" I learned in many industries over the years, if unable to find information myself, and directly. The parts boys couldn't care less who you are, what you want, or why you ask, and if possible, they provide, since it's their job. If one guy can't, call the next, and so on, until you get access to what you need. Although trane may find you unworthy, it's unlikely they feel the same way about their service providers, take advantage of that.

A bit of a rant below, so you can skip this part, but it may be insightful to some...

Also works for radio. Can't find modification info, technical service bulletins, schematics, in-house service notes, et cetera for a particular rig? Ask a repair shop to order it for you. For example: If you're a tech class, and buy a 2m/440 HT, 420 - 430 is often blocked for TX. I could tell you WHY you aren't allowed to use 33% of what you're licensed for on 440, but that radio organization already has a worsening reputation. To allow you to operate on frequencies the FCC has licensed you for, you will need to do a "MARS/CAP" mod. Not because you are a member of MARS/CAP, but just to use what the governing agency that provided you with a license allows. Ask the manufacturer for the info, and find out exactly how many autistic meth addicts they employ, and who controls them. If you don't feel confident about online resources, ask a radio repair shop for help. In many cases, the response has been, since the mid-90's for me, "Sure, we can get that and fax, or email it to you!", for a few sheets, manuals will need to be picked up in person. Cost is usually nothing, since it's often faxed, or emailed to them, in a few instances, for a several inch thick stack of documentation, I've had to pay, and depending on the shop, it may be "retail" (what the manufacturer thinks they can get away with asking at the moment), or their cost (usually 5 - 10% of retail, and the manufacturer still makes up to several hundred per cent profit, go figure...).

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