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Re: [RFI] RFI Solved After 2 Years

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Subject: Re: [RFI] RFI Solved After 2 Years
From: Frank O'Donnell <vfo@inkbox.net>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 22:03:31 -0700
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I'd be extremely interested to know what the correct Lutron model was that solved this problem.

I've been dealing with several nearby Lutron and Leviton dimmers for many months now. Earlier this year I had a phone conversation with a Lutron rep, who suggested trying one model which I subsequently bought, but which didn't help at all. Then again, these dimmers are much closer than 900 feet away from me.

Thanks much,

Frank K6FOD

On 7/9/20 8:16 AM, Jim McCook wrote:
FYI, I've been dealing with a RFI source from a neighbor 900 ft away for over 2 years.  He was in litigation with Shea Homes over some other issues; several were electrical problems.  Just before the covid shutdown the lawsuit was settled, but it was until today that he would bring in his electrician. According to him, the wrong Leviton dimmer was installed with several LED ceiling cans. Replacement with the correct Lutron solved the problem.  This was my first experience with dimmer RFI.

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