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Topband: Low-noise receiving antenna ideas

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Subject: Topband: Low-noise receiving antenna ideas
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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 15:14:52 -0500
Hi, Thomas-
Thanks for bringing N9NB's antenna to my attention. It looks like
it might do a fairly good job for hams with limited antenna space,
especially height. It may be worth your time to at least try it.
N9NB said that the pattern is fairly high angle and predominately
vertically-polarized, if I am interpreting his comments correctly.
At times, it might hear well or even work you some DX. Litttle is
mentioned about pattern, but one might assume this antenna is
fairly omni-directional. It seems likely it would not be degraded
like directional low noise receiving antennas such as the K9AY
and Flag/Pennant in the presence of your transmit vertical.

K6STI's small horizontal loop antenna is omni-directional and
responds to horizontally-polarized signals, rejecting vertically-
polarized energy if the balance is good. It has a deep overhead
null like a classical vertical, and moderately low angle response.
There may well be times when, in a side-by-side comparison,
the STI loop would hear better in the presence of man-made
noise, which is predominately vertically-polarized. At times,
N9NB's antenna might very well beat it, and of course you can
transmit on it as well, but not on the STI loop. In my book, both
antennas would be worth a try, and if you can run both at the
same time for comparison, so much the better. Don't forget the
preamp- you will likely need it for both.  73, David K3KY

On 9 Dec 2001, at 20:32, Thomas Kuehl wrote:

> Because of the limited space there isn't any room for a
> more desirable receiving antennas such as a Beverage.
> there is an antenna that appeared in Ham Radio   Magazine,
> back in May 1985. It is a transmission line antenna for 160 meters
> that was developed by Ted Rappaport, N9NB, 

> Best Regards, Thomas - AC7A (Tucson)
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