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Topband: 5B4-USA LP 16/12/01

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Subject: Topband: 5B4-USA LP 16/12/01
From: (Miroslav BEBJAK)
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:15:47
Hi guys,

I was surprised when I saw the spot on dx-cluster from Ivo/5b4ada and I 
never thought I can hear anything.
Anyway I changed from 80m to 1831.5 and there he was. Solid 559 on EWE 
towards East. I was calling Bob for a few minutes and everything I got from 
him was QRZ? BTW I was the only station calling him at the moment. Then 
OE6DK came and make it trough vy easy..congrats.
It was exiting to hear west coast via LP for the very first time on 160m.
I hope the condx will remain for a next few days.

Late in the evening here: Mike VK6HD was 599 on his sunrise and after that a 
lot of JA stations were hrd/wrkd.

73s seasons greetings
Miro OM5RW

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