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Topband: Top Band Antenna Ideas

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Subject: Topband: Top Band Antenna Ideas
From: (Bill Hohnstein KØHA)
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 23:14:40 -0500
Over the weekend I took pictures of some longwave antennas used by 
local aeronautical beacon stations around 270 kHz.  I mention them here 
since similar antennas are used on 160M and it may give some people
some new ideas.  The pictures can be seen at:
[hit "View Photos," then "Launch Viewer"]
Most of the LW beacons in the state of Nebraska use T antennas similar
to those shown and used by stations JYR and SWT.  The vertical section
of their T antenna is 17M tall and it would make a reasonable topband
antenna with little change.
But, the noteworthy antenna is that used by AUH in Aurora, NE.  It is not
a very commonly used antenna.  It has a 16M tall square cage of 12 vertical 
wires surrounding a wooden pole support.  At the top of the vertical cage 
of wires, the wires turn into 12 top-hat wires and run to a ring of 12 6' tall 
smaller diameter wooden poles surrounding the taller center pole.  The ends 
of the top-hat wires are all connected together by a wire which forms a circle 
around the now large top-hat wire cage (I think that they made a mistake 
in adding that outer ring).  Again, this LW antenna would make an effective 
160M antenna at a reasonable price.  My 160M driven element is a variation 
of this idea:  Four 1/4" tubing "wires" surround my 28M tall tower with a 
HF Yagi serving as its top-hat...
Hopefully, these LW antennas will spark some topband antenna ideas for a
few of you.

73,  Bill     K0HA

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