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Topband: Delta Loop

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Subject: Topband: Delta Loop
From: (Phil - KB9CRY)
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 19:04:17 -0500
Oops, forgot you can't send attachments to the reflector.  Sri.  I'll 
repost this when the local club posts them on the club website.  Let me 
know if anyone wants me to send the piks (about 7 in total) directly.  Phil

Phil - KB9CRY wrote:

> Here's a batch of new piks of my latest experiment. 
> Rotatable Delta Loop for receiving on 160M and 80M.  Measures 17 ft. 
> tall by 28 ft. long.  All home brew, designed by K6SE, fiberglass 
> poles by Max-Gain Systems.  Home brew xfmr, 8 turns coax side, 28 
> turns (for 75 ohm RG6 coax)
> loop side on Amidon FT-140-43 (pre wrapped with TFE tape and Q-Dope 
> applied afterwards
> for weather protection), 0.01 mf @3Kv disc cap in line with coax for 
> DC blocking. 9 total
> watts of 947 ohm terminating resistor.  14 AWG hard drawn non 
> insulated wire.
> Have since changed coax loop choke at xfmr with 12 inches of Amidon 
> F-50A-J toroids
> (the coax loop was too heavy and was pulling on the FRP mast). 
> No real DX use yet but from here near Chicago, some W1's and W2's in a 
> QSO were 5X8
> with 5X9 noise pointed straight at them, down in the mud with loop 
> broadsides, and
> completely nulled out off the backside. Using the shunt fed xmit tower 
> the QSO was about
> 5X7 but higher noise levels.  So far so good.  Tnx to Earl, K6SE 
> designer and for email
> help, and to Allen of Max-Gain Systems for the FRP rods.  Phil  KB9CRY
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