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Topband: W0AH 15 mw 1803.1 beacon heard last night

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Subject: Topband: W0AH 15 mw 1803.1 beacon heard last night
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Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:51:40 EDT
I wound a coil today for the 160M 2N2222 oscillator and am using it instead 
of the fixed inductor and MFJ Portable Tuner.  No more chirp, but the 
frequency has now moved up to about 1803.1 MHz.  Thank you all for your 
comments and the response to my request.  There were over a dozen stations 
from Alaska to the East coast who emailed me that they were listening last 
night and this morning.  Only two, Bob, W7LR, in Montana, and Richard, K5NA, 
in Texas copied the beacon, Richard for the second morning in a row.  I also 
received a second complaint.  Despite the fact that most of you who have 
emailed me,  like the challenge of trying to hear a 15mw beacon on the low 
end of 160M, and several have even requested that it become a permanent 
beacon, I take the criticism and the ARRL bandplan (which some of you 
disagree with) seriously, and I will discontinue the beacon this weekend.   
When I get the 100 mw to a 10 foot antenna working, it will radiate about  1 
mw erp!  At that time, I will email all those who have heard or expressed 
interest in trying to hear the present 15mw beacon that my 1 mw erp signal is 
on the air, and I hope you will listen for it.  I have a Boonton type 260A Q 
meter (learning experience!) that I am using to design the 10' vertical 
antenna coil.
Thanks for your enthusiasm or indulgence, whatever the case.  
Doug W0AH  DM78 near Pikes Peak CO
PS  Just got an email from K5UL in Hobbs NM who copied the beacon this 

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