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Topband: Delta-ewe by K6SE, pennant, flag receiving antennas for 160m. a

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Subject: Topband: Delta-ewe by K6SE, pennant, flag receiving antennas for 160m. and 80m: input transformer data 50 to 950 Ohm.
From: (Sergio Cartoceti)
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:01:11 +0200
Bologna - Italy Oct 10, 2002

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Dear topband reflector friends,

Thanks to all for each contribution to the matter, I would like to give some 
more data that could be of help as well:
Since I have also measured a less than optimal swr using FT140-43 at 1.830 MHz, 
me and my father Romano, I4FAF, we have tested
other Ferrite Cores (original from Amidon) and we have got the following data 
measured with a new MFJ269 and with a resistive trimmer
as a resistive closure to the secondary winding trimmed to 950 Ohm  (with a 
primary and secondary windings  in opposite sides of the core):
FERRITE TOROIDAL type:  FT-114-F  (3000 permeability)   see here link to 
ferrite data from the manufacturer:

enameled wire diameter 0.80 (millimeters, metrical)
primary number of turns: 5
secondary n. of turns:   20 
at  1.830 MHz     R=51 Ohm      Ros= 1,3
at  3.800 MHz     R=51 Ohm      Ros= 1,8
at  7.000 MHz     R=62 Ohm      Ros= 2,9
I believe it is a reasonably good result to cover both 80 and 160 meters.
Best 73.                                                  Sergio, IK4AUY 

Our web-site:   (with a lot of links technical, 
antennas and more)

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