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Topband: RE: Summary of Beverage Antenna performance

Subject: Topband: RE: Summary of Beverage Antenna performance
From: "Missouri Guy, N0TT" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 02:06:48 +0000
List-post: <>
Hi Topbanders,

I received some replies about my question about Beverage antennas
over conductive areas/islands and they are summarized here:
>From Milt, N5IA:
> My personal experience at XZ0A was that the Bevs worked extremely 
> well on
> the island.  However, I did try one at a secluded, isolated spot 
> along the
> shore where in some places at high tide the salt water was under 
> the
> element.  That one did NOT work.

Milt said there were some photos at (select
XZ0A Slide Show)  RX antennas begin at photo #115.  
Thanks Milt!

>From John, W2GD:
> Our West Creek, NJ 160M station features a salt marsh ... the 300 foot
> is surrounded, at a minimum, by 500 feet, by tidal saltwater from
> Bay.  Trust me, its wet out there at high tide.

> Likewise, our beverages (6 of them) are deployed over either saltwater
> freshwater marshes.  Most of them are 800 feet long, the NE bev is a 2
> phased array.  We have found they work great - no qualifications
> simply great.   /snip/

Thanks John!
>From Chuck Hutton:
We'd have to define "doesn't work well". The pattern will be basically
same, but the signal level will be down a bit due to the higher
under the antenna.

My favorite Beverage antenna sites are all on the coast and the antennas
all the way to the beach. I know that's not an island, but I've never had
any complaints about signal level. In fact, those sites have produced the
best MW DX imaginable.

Thanks Chuck!
>From Nick, VE7DXR:
I really hate to be anecdotal, but before I "knew better", have used 
Beverages partially or completely over salt water in San Diego (along a 
pier), and Tofino, BC (over the breakers between rocky headlands).  This 
was listening for medium wave broadcast DX.  Particularly in the latter 
case, trans Pacific stations seemed to be coming in at pretty good
at dawn, so the experience was definitely worthwhile.

HOWEVER, I didn''t have another Beverage over non-conductive soil 
nearby  with which to compare it, so I'm not sure my experience really 
means all that much.

Thanks Nick!  
>From Herb, KV4FZ
All my Beverages are on an island and 
close 1000 feet or so from the water line. I have 6 beverages on a 
former hay filed next to my QTH.  They all are great antennas. One of 
these 535 footers runs west and is terminated in a single 4 foot ground 
rod.  Well I got "Schmart", as my grandfather from the old country used 
to say, and lifted that termination and ran another 500 feet to a huge 
40 acre salt pond that connects to the Caribbean.   I drove down several 
ground rods and 6 bare cooper wires of 50 feet were laid into the water. 
  I was looking to improve the Beverage performance with a closer to 
ideal termination and guess what?  The Beverage performance with this 
configuration was a wasted effort. The noise seemed to increase and the 
reverse pattern signal directly east (1610 Anguilla) increase by 10db! A 
better ground at the end of the direction of the Beverage in this case 
did not make it work better.  Part 60% of additional run ran close and 
parallel to a bared wire fence which was on metal posts by about 10 
feet. At one point I even tied this into the ground system because it 
runs for another 2000 feet with metal ground posts across the salt flat 
next to the pond. But no joy. This did not make things any better.  I 
have since gone back to the classic 535 foot single wire across the hay 
field.  This RX antenna was super on JA this year although it runs 
straight west rather than northwest.

I add this observation because in my case a super ground at the Beverage 
end did not make things any better as I thought would be the case.

That which works best, works!
Herb summed that up pretty well I think.  Thanks Herb!

So there it is.  W2GD, says his Beverages work great at his conductive 
location and others say that their's didn't....whatever works for you!

As for a Beverage not "working" on an island, I would ask what the
terrain is like, soil conditions and such, then decide if it's worth
the effort to put up a Beverage.  One never knows for sure unless
it is tried.

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