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Subject: Re: Topband: Two Wire Beverage Query...
From: "Missouri Guy, N0TT" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:47:06 +0000
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Hi Jacques,

> Jacques F6BKI wrote:
> Hi Charlie, which ladder line did you bought from WB0W ? there are  4 
> types
> on the WB0W catalog

I don't have a catalog number, but it's the heavy duty type, #18
steel line, polyethelene insulated "window" line, and has a
spacing of 21mm (13/16"), and it is black in color.  It has an actual
impedance of 450 ohms.  If you order via telephone, ask for "Galen"
and tell him I sent you.  :))

> How do you attache it to the suporting poles not to create breaking 
> points
> with wind and ice?

I use electric fence insulators, the kind that are used for "Poly Tape"
fencing.  I attach it to the poles with a single *stainless steel*
woodworking screw.  At each pole, I use 2 extra pieces of the same
ladder line, about 15" long, stagger it to make a line about 24 inches
long and tape it on the main ladder line before attaching it to the
It isn't necessary to tape it all.  I tape it near the insulator on each
side, then at the end and somewhere in between....6 tapes total.
That provides a stiffener at the insulators.  The extra line at the 
insulators makes it a little bulky and slightly more difficult to
get the insulator tab locked in place.  I use a pliers to bend
the top tab, push the main part of the tab closed with my thumb,
then lock it in place with the great!  I've
never had one come loose due to ice, wind, etc, or any broken
line either.

The insulator brand name is "Red Snap'R", product number PT25WP.
They are designed for use on a wood post (or PVC pipe).  There
are 25 insulators to a bag.  They are made by "North Central Plastics"
in Ellendale, MN  56026.  I bought mine at a local farm supply.
NCP also makes another type of insulator that is similar to the
ones I described, but they are NOT as good as these!!

I use an odd number of poles, including the end poles, then go
to every other pole at the insulator, take it loose from the insulator
then twist it about 6 full turns (or whatever "look right").  That
help prevent the line from whipping in the end and provides
electrical balance to ground.

I can email you a JPG photo of the insulators I use if you like.


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