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Topband: Boring report - Europe again!!

Subject: Topband: Boring report - Europe again!!
From: Tree <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:19:19 -0700
List-post: <>
Well - the band continues to show signs of coming to life.

G4AMT was worked again on Saturday.  Terry is using a 40 foot top loaded 
wire, but has a great shot over the pond from the south-west corner of
England.  I could not hear GM3POI around the same time - so watch out

I briefly heard ZS1REC last night - but not well enough for a QSO.  I 
did work Doug, ZP6CW however with a pretty decent signal.  He gave me a
589 and said I sounded like a PY.  He wanted to know if he would make it
into the Boring Report!

FO/N6JA was worked on Sunday morning.  Brad used to operate from the old
Rainbow Ridge QTH back in the mid 70's.  It was nice to hook up with him
on topband.  

The K3 continues to improve.  There has been lots of work done with the 
DSP noise blanker and it is proving to be effective on the electric 
fence noise.  This is pretty amazing when you consider this is being 
done at the final IF frequency after going through the narrow roofing
filter.   The hardware noise blanker is still only being tested at 
Elecraft and I don't have it yet.  

Another data point - when I used my inverted vee (apex at 105') - my TS850
would go nuts.  The K3 seems to handle the strong AM signals without any 
issue that I can tell.  

The Stew Perry scores are all done - hope to have the results out soon.
Looke like we will get some space in the Nov/Dec NCJ for the writeup.

Remember the pre-Stew on October 20/21.  A great birthday present for me!!

73 Tree N6TR
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