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Topband: early westcoast -EU prop

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Subject: Topband: early westcoast -EU prop
From: "Dr. Wolf Ostwald" <>
Date: 01 Sep 2007 12:44 GMT
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hi reflectees !

Despite QRN, emanating from one of the last summer storms of the season,
the band yielded nice sigs from the US. Surprisingly enough, W1YY/7 made
it through about 15 min b4 my sunrise. Last weeks opening to Oregon did
not work 2 way, bcuz the QRN level was not allowing it, keep in mind, we
are still in summer here. G4AMT was able to work Tree-N6TR/7 a few days
ago, obviously his location was not battered by QRN.
Compared to the last ten years of observation, this is the earliest
opening to the westcoast i`ve ever seen. About 3 weeks earlier than
normal for central EU. Maybe that`s a good omen for the cndx to come ! A
couple of Pacific Dxpeds are announced and maybe we get a better chance
from EU than normal.
good hunting everybody !    wolf   -..   ..-.   ..---   .--.   -.--
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