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Topband: Boring Report - 2 September

Subject: Topband: Boring Report - 2 September
From: Tree <>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 06:54:19 -0700
List-post: <>
It seemed like the southern hemisphere enjoyed great conditions last night.
ZS1REC said the band was open all night and was 559 into Oregon around 0445
UTC for a good 15 minutes.  HK3O was 579 or so.  This morning, I worked 
VK3ZL with the best signal I have heard from Bob in some time, and also
VK6ABL.  I almost think I heard some CW from VQ9LA, but not enough to copy.

Working a couple of JAs this morning (JG7IJM and JA1HQT) allowed me to 
complete a very early WAC for me:

10-Aug-07 0407z W5UN
12-Aug-07 1228z VK4BUI
23-Aug-07 0413z G4AMT
27-Aug-07 0454z ZP6CW
02-Sep-07 0444z ZS1REC
02-Sep-07 1321z JG7IJM

The band is sure coming to life.  Was great to hear all the activity last

Stew Results are coming...  about half done with the writeup.

The K3 was really working well last night.  No problem using my noise 
blanker with N7UA one kHz away.  This is the DSP noise blanker and it
is doing a great job on my electric fence noise.

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