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Topband: Re prop last 12 hours

Subject: Topband: Re prop last 12 hours
From: robert briggs <>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 08:16:50 +1000
List-post: <>
Somebody opened the curtains.Prop to USA last night came to life with 
excellent signals from AA1K,W8UVZ and Tom W8JI who peaked 9+10db.I 
logged quite a few others also.Then a little later AA0RS Dave followed 
by a huge signal from Bob N7UA..Not to be left out up comes Tree with a 
nice signal and antenna tests followed by Larry VQ9LA.BTW the Jammer is 
becoming a real bother for the JA's again.I can work through it here but 
it is a curse for a lot of people.Won't get political but it's about 
time some of these countrys grew up and came into the 21st 
century.Acting like spoiled kids.There....I've given them a smack.

I got up at around 20.15 this morning and switched on to hear Eu 
stations trying to get back to HL3IUA who was 599 here as usual.I went 
to 1821.5 and started calling and  hooked up with SM0MDG first call 
followed by a couple of G stations and EA1WX.Many others were calling me 
but signals were fading towards sunrise.Raoul ZS1REC was a good signal 
at sunrise but he wasn't able to make the connection.Better luck soon I 
think as I hear him regularly.

Sounds as though we may be getting a turn around but maybe the auroral 
conditions gave us a temporary lift as a teaser.I check the band for EU 
every day year round here and this is the first real sign of a change 
since the EU dx dropped off in March.

Ok Good Dxing.....Bob VK3ZL...

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