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Subject: Topband: RADIAL INTEGRITY
From: "k4pi" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 23:21:26 -0000
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Hi Jerry,  I use a MFJ 854 current probe to measure the current in each 
radial when I put power into the antenna.  There are some plans out there 
for making your own probe if you prefer to roll your own.   I made record of 
the current in each of my radials when they were laid, but I think you could 
lay out a  known length and then measure it's current value for use as a 
reference for the questionable ones.  I use the model of MFJ that has 
selectable current ranges.  I assume you are using a single vertical with 
most of the radials are the same approximate length. If you are using a 4 
square or something that has the radials hooked to a common bus it might get 
a little harder to get a reference.  Maybe some of the other guys have some 
better ideas.. 73 Mike K4PI 

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