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Topband: Radials for a Gap Voyager?

Subject: Topband: Radials for a Gap Voyager?
From: Martin <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 19:52:56 +0200
List-post: <>
we are preparing our clubstation dl0wh for the cq-ww-contest(s).
We will use a Gap Voyager for 160 & 80 which has 3 Radials (or 
counterpoise) abt 17mtrs long as per the manual.

Do you recommend to attach more wires and if so, what length should we
use? Will the antenna work at all with more radials?

We found the antenna has no good match on 80m without these 3 wires, but
as soon as the wires are attached, the swr on 80m drops from well over 
3:1 to less than 1.8.
The wires seem to have no effect on 160m, swr-wise.

We have an electric fence only abt 10 mtrs away, should we avoid to lay 
out radials in that direction? The TS-850 blanks the pulses from the 
fence, but when the band is crowded with huge signals you may want to 
switch the noise-blanker off for known reasons.

Any comments welcome


73, DM4iM
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