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Topband: Outstanding condx

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Subject: Topband: Outstanding condx
From: "David Raymond" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:11:58 -0500
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Faithful Topbanders in much of the U.S. experienced outstanding conditions
to Europe Wednesday evening (NA time).  It was the best opening I've seen
from here in Iowa in two or three years.  There were many true S9 signals
from Europe.  There was also some of the deepest QSB (from S9+5 to gone. .
.below the S1-2 noise floor) I've experienced on some but not all signals.
It was good to see several Western US and West Coast stations making EU Qs.
18 EU Qs went into the log here including several first time call signs.

73. . Dave
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