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Topband: Top Band from KH6

Subject: Topband: Top Band from KH6
From: Merv Schweigert <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 10:37:41 -1000
List-post: <>
After hearing 3B7 for days with no antenna for top band up,
I decided to string an Inv L up to give a try,  it runs from the
shack to the top of a pole about 50 ft from the shack and
40 foot tall,  remainder is horizontal.  Just fed the end into
a Nye tuner,  takes no L and all the C and SWR is 1.2 to 1
and 2 to 1 bandwidth about 50 KHZ.  
Of course I never heard them again at my sunrise, days passed,
so finally got up at 13:30Z on Saturday,  nothing,  so I hung around
and just before 1400 they came through 569. Worked em with
the temp antenna with no problem.
Today was a little late getting on the band and when I turned on
the rig wow 599 signal from VK9WWI,  didnt even warm up the
amp, called em on 100 watts and got them in the log. Hope he was
legit?  Good start to the season with no antenna ready. 
No excuses for the antenna, been busy with other projects that took
priority for some reason, a bad move.  This week will attempt to
work on the antenna system for top band.  All the DX reported so
far makes for a change in priorities.
CU all soon  73 Merv K9FD/KH6
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