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Re: Topband: "Flooded" coax?

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Subject: Re: Topband: "Flooded" coax?
From: "Harold Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 22:27:57 -0500
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> Hi Gents,
> I have some RG-6 with a double AL foil shield with
> a braid in between.  It's a "stiff" cable with a heavy
> plastic outer covering.  I pealed back the layers and
> I feel a somewhat sticky stuff in there....not as sticky
> as I would think it would be if the cable was the so-called
> "flooded" type.  But, then I don't know for sure.
> So, would someone describe the "flooded" cable in
> more detail?
> Thanks,
> Charlie,  N0TT

Hi Charlie:

I am sure that the cable that you have is what is called "flooded cable".

It is just kind of sticky, not a liquid. It is just sticky enough to cause 
the braid and foil to
get stuck on everything when stripping it back for a connector. The sticky 
goo is to prevent
water from getting in if the cable is nicked

Use good crimp weather-proof  "F" connectors and get a good crimp tool You 
can get a good hex crimp tool
from Radio S for a little over 20 dollars. Also one can find really good 
weather-proof "F" connectors
on eBay at a very low cost.

73......Price W0RI 

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