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Re: Topband: Digi transmitter spur

To: "Tom Rauch" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Topband: Digi transmitter spur
From: "Cecil Acuff" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 21:38:21 -0500
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Tom Posted:

> It appears a digital telemetry transmitter on 1777 or 1759
> kHz has a problem.
> I'm not sure if two transmitters are (stupidly) being dumped
> into one antenna, or if it is a single transmitter with a
> problem.
> The result to use is there is a very strong spur about every
> 18kHz from 1777 up, and from 1759 down.
> This places spurs at 1796, 1814, 1832, etc.
> There are also minor level spurs at other frequencies with
> about 9kHz spacing, but these are a bit weaker.
> This means we also have minor spurs on 1805, 1823, 1841,
> etc.
> Does anyone know who owns the transmitters from the Gulf
> coast area (probably south of  Louisiana or east of Texas)
> so we might contact them without the FCC?

Is this still a problem?

First chance I had to listen was this evening and I could not hear anything 
out of the ordinary on 1777Khz or 1759Khz.  I checked for spurs on 18khz 
steps up and down from those frequencies as well but no joy.  I know I don't 
have much for antennas on 160 but I can't imagine I'm in that bad of shape 
if this is coming from an off shore platform or anywhere in the Gulf Coast 
area.  (heard the 3B7C expedition on both antennas)

I have worked with the Oil Companies in the past on resolving interference 
issues to an 800Mhz trunked system I was building in S. MS. and thought 
maybe I could help on this one.

I do find fairly strong telemetry signals above both the listed frequencies 
but neither sounds out of the ordinary and I don't find any real trash from 
them above or below.

Static is quite bad this evening here and maybe the spurs are below that I 
don't know.

I'm hoping it's just disappeared just like it showed up...

I would be happy to try and help if this is still a problem...


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