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Topband: Radial staples

Subject: Topband: Radial staples
From: Tree <>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 09:56:45 -0700
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I have been busy getting the radials down for my new array and found that
you can actually buy lawn (or garden) staples from Amazon!!  

Just go to Amazon and enter "garden staples" and look at the results.  

One of the companies shown (Master Gardner) has an interesting web page and 
has them in 1000 unit boxes.  I haven't priced them yet, but this might be 
a good choice for those big projects (I could probably use several boxes 

Look at the bottom of this page:

Has anyone used these?  I am going to order a small quantity from Amazon to 
see if they work well.

I have also been using these clips (which you can find at Lowe's or Home 
Depot out in the chain link fence area):

They are made out of aluminum - which probably is less of a problem if they
get tangled up in your lawnmower.  :-)

I have also used the method recently suggested on this list of making my own 
out of fence wire.  I have some 11 gauge steel wire that works well for this
and I am building up my arm muscles lifting my big pair of bolt cutters to 
cut them with after bending them in a vise.  

Between the wire and the clips - radials systems are pretty expensive.  Maybe
I should put HV on them (electic fence) when not in use to prevent people
from stealiing the wire.  I did hear of this happening to one ham down in
Southern California last year.

Tree N6TR
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