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Topband: Receivers

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Subject: Topband: Receivers
From: "John Harden" <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 20:43:00 -0400
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Dear Top-Banders,
I read AA7JV's article on transceivers. It was most interesting to see
his comments. I am not surprised to see that he thinks that the K3 is
the best of the lot he has tried.
I have always said that there is no way that I would spend $10,000 on a
"rice box". The payout on your money is not there for many reasons. The
hottest receiver in my shack is a Collins KWM-2A that was reworked for
me by a former Collins employee who is hands down the best Collins
technician in the USA. He optimized all circuits using a spectrum
analyzer as he test selected components. And this rig uses vacuum tubes.
My Orion I is a superior receiver as is substantiated by W8JI's test
data. I use it most of the time. But, it is NOT as sensitive as the
KWM-2A based on what I can hear and not hear. Of course the KWM-2A has
no bells & whistles.
If I were to purchase a new transceiver it would be an ORION II or a K-3
hands down. This is based on the ability to hear the weak ones. If you
are talking about support Elecraft and Ten-Tec have no peers.
John, W4NU
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