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Topband: Request from NM7M

Subject: Topband: Request from NM7M
From: "Bill Tippett" <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 10:07:39 -0400
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The following is a request for information from Bob NM7M.  Please
reply to him ***directly*** at .  Bob is now living in a
nursing home but is still studying 160m propagation and writing
articles.  Even if you don't have examples for him I'm sure he would
love to hear from you.

73,  Bill  W4ZV


As  you  know,  K9LA and I have been involved in a study of 160 meter
ducting.    That is complete now and is being written up for

While we have results in connection with our original goal, another
matter has come up which I want to explore – "run away" ducting.  This
comes up in connection with the famous N7UA-5B4ADA QSO in 2001.  With
the ionospheric physics known at the time, I had good reason to doubt
it was a long-path contact and said so, in print.

Now, however, from what we've learned using variations of galactic
cosmic ray intensity, I have a better understanding of the geophysical
circumstances surrounding the event and believe it is an example of
long-path by "run-away" ducting, as compared to the usual
self-limiting variety.

I need further examples to study, of the booming, S9+20 dB category.
I have made a few inquiries and have one lead, a GM3POI QSO, from
VK6VZ but no date yet/    I need more.

In that connection, as a member of the Topband Reflector, I need their
help.  So I formally request that you poll members of the Reflector
for examples of such unusual signals.  Let me assure you this is a
matter of scientific interest, to the Reflector, and does not involve
any financial aspects.

I hope the Rules of the Reflector can accommodate my request.


Bob, NM7M

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

University of California

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