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Topband: Critters and Cables

Subject: Topband: Critters and Cables
From: RK <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 16:48:29 +0000
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Dear Reflectees,

In 2004 I set out to build a midsized 160 m array comprised of 5 elements on 
some remote acreage in Northern Arizona.  The system is located on an active 
cattle ranch and the antenna system is fenced in by a conventional 4 wire 
barbed fence with a 5 th electric wire. While the fence is effective against 
most cattle, other elements present a problem. Cables are occasionally bitten 
through by nomadic Javalina which roam the area. Elevating or direct burial 
are not options at this point. There are Elk in the area which present enough 
challenges for ground mounted verticals with 4000 ft of RF and control cables 
for the system.

Has anyone here had experience with ultrasonic devices or predator scented 
materials such as granules or sprays with oilbase?


Bob Kile, W7RH
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