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Re: Topband: 5/16 vs 1/4 wave length inverted L

To: Guy Olinger K2AV <>,
Subject: Re: Topband: 5/16 vs 1/4 wave length inverted L
From: tzikas tzik <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 20:58:26 +0300
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hi again. I have a more question. As you can see at this draw
 the feedpoint of my antenna is founded in the transmitter's metal house!!!
I have put the feedpoint there because i wouldn't like somebody to touch the
feedpoint and to have an accident.
Do you think that this is a problem for my antenna's performance?
The antenna (from 2mm diameter insulated wire) begins from the transmitter
and then passes
through the metal house. The antenna's wire which is in the metal house is
about 1.5 meters.
Also the redials begins in the metal house.

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 12:11 AM, Guy Olinger K2AV <>wrote:

> There is very little difference in the pattern of a 5/16 inverted L
> and 1/4 inverted L that has the bend to horizontal at the same height,
> assuming a bend even roughly half way.  The lower the bend the higher
> the maximum lobe takeoff, but it's a mild change.   29 degrees vs. 49
> degrees is not correct, all other issues held constant.
> 73, Guy.
> On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 11:49 AM, tzikas tzik <>
> wrote:
> > Hi. I have a transmitter for 160m band about 200-300w r.f output power.
> Now
> > i am using an (5/16)X(wave length) inverted L. I am looking for an
> antenna
> > which will provide strong local signal. I have read that the 5/16
> inverted L
> > has about 49o elevation angle and the 1/4 inverted L has about 26o
> elevation
> > angle. So, i think that 1/4 inverted L, provide more strong local signal.
> > what do you think about this?
> > Now with 5/16 inverted L it very easy to match it with the 50ohm
> transmitter
> > by using only a series variable capacitor. I am afraid that with 1/4
> > inverted L it will be more difficult to match it with the transmitter.
> What
> > i need (coils and capacitors) to match it? thank you very much
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