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Topband: K9AY Loop With Elevation Steering

Subject: Topband: K9AY Loop With Elevation Steering
From: Robert Harmon <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:37:08 -0700
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Tony, G3LNP has an article in October 2010 QST (page 30)  describing a K9AY 
loop antenna 
that is able to steer the null elevation angle.  In its standard configuration 
we can steer 
the K9AY loop in azimuth but this would permit elevation steering also.  He 
mentions a null depth 
greater than 60db is possible.  I have power line noise that thankfully is in 
one direction and have had 
good results with a flag antenna oriented with the null towards the noise.  It 
has reduced the noise 
considerably on 160 but stiil there.    I'm interested in trying his  design 
with a K9AY flag, I might be able
 to reduce the noise even more by steering the elevation angle as he does.
Really looks interesting.  I'm wondering if his termination circuit could be 
applied to my horizontal flag antenna also.


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