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Subject: Topband: Antenna
From: rick darwicki <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 13:48:47 -0700 (PDT)
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I was wondering if my inverted L ground plane would be better off as a 50 foot 
vertical so I did some modeling.

Using EZNEC I put in most all the radials I have on the roof sloping from about 
16 feet down to 9 feet above ground. They are random length with 3-4 actually 
1/4 wave about every 5-10 degrees around 60% of the base. Some of the 80 and 
160 radial slope down and run along a 5 foot high wood fence.

The antenna is a modified Create 40/80 vertical with the 80 meter trap 
removed/shorted and homemade 40/80 traps in a 70 foot horizontal wire with the 
end about 25 feet high. It is mounted about 17 feet off the ground on the 
northeast peak of the roof so there are only a few radials out that end.

The 80 meter pattern is a cloud burner and 40/160 gets some pretty weird 
skewing. Obvious why I don't do well into PJ/CO on the low bnds.

I really can't go ground mounted without being up against stucco wires and no 
radials to speak of.

I could play 4 top loading wires instead of the horizontal wire and traps and 
my turner would match it. Any thoughts on doing that?

Rick, N6PE
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