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Re: Topband: A rare Boring Report

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Subject: Re: Topband: A rare Boring Report
From: Charlie Young <>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 11:15:35 -0600
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Tree, you have done a great job with this list.  I wish you much success in 
your new job.  Likewise, anything you can do to improve the chance of getting 
Zone 22 would be greatly appreciated.  
Other than a handful of contacts in the mid-1990's, I was new on 160 in October 
2008.  I don't post much, but this list has been a source of news and technical 
information that was and continues to be extremely helpful to my 160M DXing 
efforts. The ongoing discussion about ground radials and losses has been 
interesting to me, and I have studied every post.  
To me, LoTW is the best thing going.  I wish everyone used it.  I would like to 
spend my remaining days DXing, not doing paperwork.  However, I respect the 
views of others who disagree about LoTW.  
As an OT, 50 years licensed in 2012, I support the idea of positive 
technological change and try to adapt.  For me, radio will always be an audio, 
between the ears, experience.   I have tried band scopes, but these don't do 
anything for me.  I have to hear the signals.  Recently, a friend demonstrated 
a PSK contact to our DX group.  He did not even have a speaker hooked up to the 
rig, so it was all done in silence.  I had some fun poking at him over the idea 
of radio without any sound.  However, I recently got on RTTY trying for Digital 
DXCC and find, to my surprise, the activity somewhat enjoyable.  At least I 
listen to the signals, even if the software does the decoding. 
I might even prefer RTTY to SSB. 
I agree with you about digital modes which extract partial callsigns and match 
them to calls from stored data bases. This does not excite me at all.  One of 
my goals is to make 6M DXCC in the time left to me. We got started on 6M in 
July 2009. I even downloaded the JT65 software with the thought of trying 
moonbounce.  My steep sloping terrain should give some strong lobes at useful 
angles. However, after further study, I elected not to do it, at least with 
digital. This was a personal choice.  Not knocking JT65 or questioning the 
validity of QSO's made with it.  Folks still have to bounce some signals off 
the moon for the software to have anything to decode.  The idea of moonbounce 
using conventional CW does attract me, and I might try it some day.  Hopefully 
I can make DXCC on 6 without moonbounce, with some help from conventional prop. 
 Sitting at 83 worked now.  
Back to 160, I only wish we would have discovered how enjoyable this band is 
many years ago.  Honestly, I have had more concentrated fun on the radio since 
October 2008 chasing countries on 160M than with any other aspect of radio in 
50 years.  Working DX is challenging but not impossible.  160 retriggered the 
spark.  Still lots to learn for me, and many DX countries to chase.  I will 
never catch the OT's on the band, too many years lost to working and other 
activity.   It is just fun to work the 160 countries, one at a time.  Each new 
one is a major victory and a cause for celebration!  I would like to get all 40 
zones, which is a major operating accomplishment. 
Again, thanks for your efforts Tree and I wish you continued success in  your 
radio operating and work life.   
73 Charlie (Chas) N8RR  

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> Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 08:14:36 -0800
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> Subject: Topband: A rare Boring Report
> Just thought I would share some random thoughts. I don't seem to post here
> as often - since this list has sort of become a job.
> - I am personally excited about the new "630 meter" band. I find myself
> dreaming about what I would do for an antenna and find myself scanning the
> web on ways to measure my EIRP. I have already planted a seed in the minds
> of Elecraft - asking them how fast I would need to turn the big knob on the
> radio to get it down to 472 kHz. BTW - you can get to 485 kHz by using the
> RIT - but it turns off there. Hopefully, they can at least make the K3
> receive down there - and perhaps with an outboard filter - do some
> transmitting. I know the dusty TS850 will at least receive there. While
> DXCC down there is probably something I would never have a shot at - WAS
> would certainly be a significant goal for me down there.
> - LOTW does take a little bit of effort to sign up for. However, I have
> uploaded all the logs that I have from all the DX locations I have operated
> from. It feels good seeing QSOs match up with other people who are doing
> the same. It was a good tool for keeping track of my other band totals
> (since I only really count countries on 160) and eventually resulted in me
> getting the 5BDXCC plaque with 160 endorsement. Did you know you can't get
> that award with DXCC on 160-15? You have to have it on 80, 40, 20, 15 and
> 10... but if you also get it on 160 - you will get a nice little
> endorsement to put on the award. Typically - after a contest - I will
> upload my log - and about half of it matches up with other people who have
> done the same. I have 216K QSOs records there - and have 36K "QSLs". Of
> course - half of those are with RA4LW on 160 meters. :-) Yes - it costs
> some $$$ if you want to get awards out of it - but I think you will find
> that overall it is cheaper than chasing ALL of the QSLs. For DX stations
> (outside W/VE) there is a bit of paperwork to do in order to prove you are
> licensed - but that sure hasn't stopped a lot of well known big gun 160
> meter stations from showing up.
> - I still collect real QSLs for my 160 countries. Have them in a nice book
> that I show off to visitors. My only new one so far this year is HK0NA.
> W7LR is still a few ahead of me. Still need 3 zones.
> - Speaking of zones - I recently changed jobs and will likely be traveling
> to zone 22 on a somewhat regular basis. I am in touch with Kumar, VU2BGS -
> and am hoping to help him improve his situation on 160 meters. No promises
> yet - but it sure would be nice to make this zone easier for everyone to
> work. I may also make it to BV again and see if I can spend a night or two
> at BU2AQ's fine QTH again.
> - Perhaps this list will prove the experts wrong and continue without
> moderation. Please be thoughtful of the intent of this list when posting.
> This subject of LOTW is okay for a bit - but if it continues with too much
> volume - it would start being too much. That is when I start seeing
> complaints and unsubscribe messages.
> - The difference between a normal CW QSO and one with computers involved
> using some special technique that allows QSOs to be made below the noise
> level is something I struggle with. Thus far - I have not really been very
> excited about using a computer to copy my signals. For me (big words there
> - this is just "for me" - not necessarily for you or anyone else) - the
> magic of radio happens between the headphones. I have worked six meter EME
> - but on CW before EME turned into a digital mode. I did hook things up
> and tried to work the ZL8 DX pedition just so I could say I have done it -
> but wasn't successful. I guess I am like Jodie Foster in Contact - I just
> like listening. Connecting your brain to the ionosphere to hear things is
> a wonderful experience. It can almost be trippy. Take a listen to this
> recording with headphones on:
> That's a recording in
> diversity on 1590 AM with different antennas on each receiver. The
> ionosphere lives and breaths. If you want to hear what six meter CW EME
> signals sounded like - you can listen in here -
> My operation was done with a single
> yagi up 45 feet.
> - The results for the Stew Perry contest are basically final. You can see
> them on the web at At some point, I
> will figure out who won which awards and do a writeup. That is - unless
> someone is inspired to do a guest writeup like Paul, K8PO did last year.
> It was nice seeing the writeup done from a less "Boring" perspective for a
> change.
> See you on the band.
> Tree N6TR
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