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Topband: DXing on the Edge - 2nd edition - Important!

Subject: Topband: DXing on the Edge - 2nd edition - Important!
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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 15:47:32 -0500
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Hi Gang


With apologies to Tree N6TR, I am writing to note that there have apparently 
been some production problems at Bookbaby and it has been reported to me that 
there are some copies out there that were truncated in CHAPTER 10 at page 10-24.

The SECOND EDITION has 19 chapters and properly ends at page 19-4 with a photo 
of a CQ WAZ 40Z 160M Plaque.

If your book does not end at page 19-4, it is INCOMPLETE.

May I ask anyone who did not receive a complete copy to please write to me 
DIRECTLY (and not to this reflector) indicating where the book was purchased.  
Two known problems have occurred from AMAZON.CO.UK it seems but there may be 

I will do my level best to make this right for anyone who was disappointed.  
This needs to be righted ASAP - I have already been in touch with the publisher 
and AMAZON UK has been advised.

Thanks for the bandwidth and my apologies to anyone affected by this.


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