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Topband: tower vertical

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Subject: Topband: tower vertical
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 08:43:55 -0500
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Hello Bob,

When I’ve modeled a 160 vertical interior to an 80M 4 sq I find the vertical 
interacts terribly with the 4 sq. The ‘tower’ would need to be broken up in to 
3 sections ... not a simple task... I know there are those that have done this 
but I suspect they’ve just put it up and taken the results as is ... 

just a thought... 


Hi I have decided to put up a 40m tower to use as a transmitting vertical for 
1.8mHz out away from in between our other towers and where I can run 1/4 wave 
radials all the way around, and will probably use locally available 12" steel 
sections with a conical-type pin base. I would like to insulate the base in 
order to make it easier to detune on receive (this will be located in the exact 
center of our 8 circle rx arrays). Has anyone used HDPE or similar to make a 
homebrew base insulator for a tower monopole? Any other comments about the need 
for a base insulator also welcome.73 Bob HS0ZIA
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