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Re: Topband: W5WMU/W1WMU SK

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Subject: Re: Topband: W5WMU/W1WMU SK
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2017 00:30:20 -0400
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Thank you for this comment regarding Pat, 
W5WMU. There more than a few here who knew 
him and several who have even worked from 
his QTH, and more by far who have known 
him and benefited from his knowledge and 
his generosity, yet all of you have 
remained silent regarding his passing.

I feel lesser as a contester than more by 
your silence and I find it hard to imagine 
you have chosen to remain silent. That 
silence takes away from the joy in the 
sport and all of you who have said nothing 
know exactly who you are.

I just erased a paragraph devoted to you, 
you who have remained silent. It would be 
lesser of me to say my peace and it would 
not affect you in the least. I just hope 
when you far away from today, you become a 
SK, that you get more of a remembrance 
than you gave him.



> pat was a great friend to me also.
> he bought ALL my antennas at a fair price when I needed to move.
> twice! we REALLY 'passed a good time' when we did All Asia on a whim,
> a couple years ago, with N8OO. I sure hope they have contests in
> heaven. Au revoir, cher ami....a bientot, j'espere w5xz, dan
>     On Friday, May 5, 2017 12:31 PM, Gary Smith <> wrote:
>  Pat, W5WMU, passed on April 6. I met him 
> in 1985 when I moved to New Iberia, LA to 
> start off as a new Chiropractor. I met Pat 
> within weeks of that time and we became 
> good friends who have been in contact 
> monthly since then. 
> He had the finest "shack" and antenna farm 
> of any I have ever seen, anywhere and he 
> loved Ham Radio and contesting to the end 
> of his being. His 160M array was something 
> I will never forget. Truly a wonderful 
> friend and mentor.
> 73 OM W5WMU de KA1J SK
> r-pat-sonnier-w5wmu-sk
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