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Re: Topband: Ladder line Beverage Installation

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Subject: Re: Topband: Ladder line Beverage Installation
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Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 21:36:24 -0400
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What do you connect to the PVC pipe to hold the wires?



How do you connect the paint sticks to the posts?


Fritz K4OAQ



I drive the metals posts into the ground and slide a 10 foot section of gray

PVC pipe over the post for my supports.


Mike N2MS



DXE sells some nifty ladder insulators designed for wooden posts. They are
listed at $13.95 for a bag of 25. (DXE P/N DXE-LL-LNS) In my case I wanted
to use metal fence supports with wood on the top for an easier installation
with a 3 lb maul rather than digging holes for the post supports. While
pushing my cart through Home Depot one day I stumbling upon paint stir
sticks in the paint section for .99 cents for a package of three. They are
made of pine and are 33 inches long and appear very durable being almost 1/4
inch thick. They can flex a bit but hard to break even over your knee. Much
to my surprise the DXE Beverage insulator snaps right on to the top portion
where the paint mixer would normally put his hand. Although not really
necessary a small wood screw would prevent any insulator from unsnapping in
high winds. A coat ofThompson's Water Seal on the paint stick is also an
option. Mounting these insulators in this fashion would bring the ladder
line in a vertical position with respect to ground. With a half twist ever
70 feet I think this would enhance the performance and not degrade it in
anyway. If I am wrong with that the Beverage gurus might possiblycorrect me.


I know this is sort of a trivia post but I was amazed at how easily the DXE
insulator snapped on the paint stick. Also if wooden 2X2's are an option for
support they can be placed in line of the Beverage field first. Then a screw
gun can zip these paint sticks in place as required.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ


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