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Topband: The band is looking up!

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Subject: Topband: The band is looking up!
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Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017 12:47:30 -0500
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For us in the northern hemisphere, the band is quieting down and looking up!  
On Sunday of this week I got the station here back to normal on 160m.   During 
summer months I had been using my alternate antenna which is a 1/4 wave sloping 
vertical with elevated radials.  For lightning protection during the summer 
months I had grounded the elements in the TX array, grounded the elements in 
the 8 circle array, and removed its electronics.  After Sunday afternoon’s 
antenna work, I got on Monday morning and put out a few CQs.  KH6DX promptly 
answered with an S9 signal followed by AL7TC, VK3IO, and ZL2RX.  I got back on 
again this morning and found VK2WF.  However, the real surprise this morning 
came when DU7ET answered my CQ.  It was a struggle for me to copy Robert but 
with some patience, we had a solid QSO.   For those of you that have been 
dormant during the summer months, it’s time to get on!

73. . . Dave, W0FLS
in Iowa
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