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Re: Topband: New 160 with FT8

Subject: Re: Topband: New 160 with FT8
From: Peter Sundberg <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 11:34:05 +0000
List-post: <>
Congrats Gary for scoring by using FT8.

This new protocol will be a blessing to all who want to make DXCC without effort - you just put it into "Gardening mode".

This is what a G-station told us on another reflector recently about FT8:

"But it is possible to create your own "QSO machine" which doesn't need any human intervention. See my email of 26th August at 2047 GMT ("Fully Automated QSOs"). My version works with WSJT-X RC2 and either Windows 7 or XP (but unfortunately not Windows 10). I just put it together as an experiment, so I don't want it to be widely distributed, and I can't spend time supporting or developing it. But it works, and it's fascinating to watch it making QSOs on its own."

So, the fascination of working new countries by taking part yourself is soon to be replaced by the fascination of your computer making these QSOs on its own, adding them to your DXCC total. While you are off doing other important things.

As for me - on any band - CW is King.

Peter SM2CEW

At 04:55 2017-09-12, you wrote:
CW is my love, always will be, RTTY is #2.
That said, I've decided to give the new
modes a go, especially seeing as the
software to do so is open source and
provided for us to use.

Its been a long time since I worked a new
one on 160 but I needed E5-S and saw them
on 160 running the FT8 mode, calling CQ. I
gave them a call at 50W from CT and darned
if we didn't make it happen. First new 160
in over a year.



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