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Re: Topband: FT8 qrm & Bandplanning History on 160m

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Subject: Re: Topband: FT8 qrm & Bandplanning History on 160m
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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 13:14:38 +1100
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The 160 m Band Plan was only fairly recently formalised in Australia, a decade or so ago.

We have 1800 - 1875 kHz, with the CW sub-band 1810 - 1840 kHz.

The digital narrow band modes seem to have established themselves on 1838 here with no great problems, but there are few users of the band here.

At their recent meeting, IARU Region III directors agreed to consider how to bring the Region III band plans into closer alignment with the Region I and II band plans. It will be revisited at the next Region III Conference next year. (From TAC Notes by John VK3KM, in December AR).

So this is being looked at in IARU. It would be worthwhile contacting your IARU rep with constructive direction regarding Band Plans for 160 m.

From time to time I am irritated by someone testing their AM transmitter in
the evening on 1825 kHz. There is an AM net in Melbourne at 11 am local on that frequency. Had there been any DX of interest around that frequency, I may have cause for complaint, but there generally isn't!

I turned off the radio and disconnected antennas here last weekend, due to thunderstorms. I will be doing the same this weekend for the same reason. We have a major weather event forecast for the east coast over the next three days. I have asked my local sawmill about Gopher Wood.


Luke VK3HJ
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